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As part of our school STEM week we visited Africa Alive last week.  It was great fun!  We saw lots of different African animals and found out lots about them.  We are looking forward to finding out more about the African animals and the people that live there back in school.

The week so far…

As part of STEM week this week, our children were captivated learning about electricity and the sun in a show by The Mad Scientist. They also constructed multilink towers and worked out the cost of each one using a colour price list. The children are learning about different aspects of African life at the moment and also about animals that live in hot and cold countries, their STEM display on Friday will be linked to this.

We had a chance to look at some African artefacts on Tuesday, they are in our classroom if you want to have a look. Lucy even modeled an outfit that may be worn by women in some African countries.

As it is so warm this week again, we have been relaxing with some calming yoga, Today we used the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to practise our yoga stretches,


Money week

This week we have been learning about coin recognition.  We can make amounts using different coins.  We can even make the same amount in more than one way!

Today we had 60p with a partner and had to decide what resources to buy to make postcards.  We had to buy paint, paintbrushes, blank postcards and pencils to draw our designs.  We even had to buy clean water to wash our brushes! We hope to sell many postcards to parents tomorrow to make a profit to spend on something fun for our class.

Vegetable garden update…

We have tasted our first produce! Last week we shared 3 radishes between our class. This resulted in several children rushing for their water bottles but also some children like Isaac saying that they had gone home and asked their parents to buy some radishes! We also tried some of our lettuce which was more popular.

We are quite excited to see what our potatoes are like because the plants seem to be growing quite big, we will let you know!

Election Fever hits Tigers Class!


What an exciting start we had to our final half term in Tigers Class! Some of us spent some of our holiday deciding what we would do if we were teacher for the day and presented our ideas on the first day back…

…it was a tough decision with some very impressive manifestos. After a fair vote Rhia was elected to be our teacher on Friday!


The rest of Tigers Class were enthusiastic about Rhia’s teaching day. They told me that ‘We learned about nature and went on a nature walk’. Mrs Gow also said that Rhia was ‘a very strict teacher who seemed to like writing children’s names on the board!’

The children learned a lot about how voting works and we are continuing to use our ballot box to vote for our Classroom Monitors each week.